Private static caravans for sale

At Harvey Longsons, we make buying or selling your static caravan, lodge or residential park home, easy and stress free! You won’t be bombarded with calls and harassed by pushy salesmen. You don’t even have to sign up to view our private static caravan, lodge or park home listings. If you do choose to get in touch, we wont share your contact details with other holiday or park home sellers. Whether you would like to have a private static caravan for a holiday home or a permanent residence, our private static caravans for sale can accommodate your every need. Please call us for more information on these private static caravans for sale on 01760 629819 .

Your Ideal Escape

There is nothing more relaxing than having somewhere to escape to. It is one of life’s pleasures and is getting more and more popular. Home is where the heart is however it’s important to have somewhere else to go to forget and relax in your little piece of heaven. A static caravan can offer you this, it can be just for you or for all of the family. Does the sound of the sea relax you or stunning views of hills and mountains are your ideal, all can be found in some of the most iconic countryside in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy a family holiday home by the sea or an inland long-term residential home.

Start Your Search With Us

If you want to start your search for a used static caravan, start it with Harvey Longsons, we have a stunning range of private static caravans for sale to choose from. (see more) Your dream could become a reality sooner than you might think with a holiday home from Harvey Longsons.

Private Static Caravans for Sale

Harvey Longsons has many years experience and a friendly team helping people just like you find the ideal solution. We will take the stress away and help you to find the perfect private static caravan, holiday lodge or residential park home. There are private static caravans for sale for all tastes and all budget on our website. Our private static caravans for sale are throughout the whole of the UK.  Do not hesitate to call us on free on 01760 629819 . Speak to our dedicated team.


When it comes to purchasing that private static caravan for sale there are many questions that you may have to help you make the all-important decision. The first thing to think about is the location of where you want your static caravan to be. If you will be visiting the caravan regularly then ideally you should pick a holiday park location you can get to within 2 hours.

The Holiday Park

The next thing to think about is the holiday park where you would like your static caravan to be. This decision shouldn’t be one to rush as there is a lot to think about when it comes to the holiday park. Different holiday parks have different season lengths which will effect how many months of the year you can visit your caravan so it is best to find out from different parks nearby how long their season length is. There are also different facilities at different parks so if you wanted a holiday park that had great entertainment for children then it is best not to look at a holiday park that is quiet with only a limited amount of amenities on site. We have private static caravans for sale on a variety of parks start you search here

Research the Park

Once you have found the holiday park for you then it is best to book in a visit to the park to make sure it is the one you are happy with as the decision to purchase your own static caravan is very important and well worth the effort of doing the necessary research. Some holiday parks may let you stay on the park for free which they call a ‘try buy’ where you can stay for a night in a private static caravan for sale and use the park facilities to see if that is what you were looking for. Some may charge a small amount but if you go on to purchase a caravan from the park afterwards they will usually refund you this.

Caravan Make/Model

The static caravan make/model you choose is again a very important decision. You need to think about your budget and how much you want to spend on your caravan but it is also equally important to check with your chosen park if they have an age limit on the caravans a few holiday parks reject older holiday homes (10+ years). There are many different makes and models of static caravans such as ABI, Willerby, Swift. Each make has different styles and you need to think about what you want from your caravan in terms of size, space, how many bedrooms and if you wanted a static caravan with a modern or classic style interior so it is best to do your research thoroughly. We have all models and makes of private static caravans for sale. Start your search here


When purchasing a private static caravan for sale you often have the choice of different pitches on the holiday park and where you want the caravan to be sited on the park, it is best to ask when you visit, as sometimes the caravan is sold to you where it is already sited.


When it comes to owning your static caravan there are fees involved in this. They are usually called ‘site fees’ but can be known as ‘pitch fees’. This is where the park will charge you either a monthly or yearly fee for keeping the caravan on their holiday park this will include landscaping of the park and the use of the park facilities. Different parks will charge different amounts so you will need to ask the sales team when you visit the chosen park. If you find what you think is the perfect static caravan for sale, please check fees first.


Another fee that you will need to account for in your budget will be gas and electric. Some caravans can have meters for both fuels but some you can use gas bottles at a small cost. Make sure you again ask the sales team on the cost of these and if you can source the gas bottles from elsewhere. Some holiday parks will let you do this to make the cost lower.


One thing you must invest in when it comes to ownership is insurance, you wouldn’t buy a house and not get insurance! There are many companies out there who can help you with insurance we recommend Coast Insurance.  The cost will depend on the year, the size, the position of your static caravan for sale. You can also ask the holiday park themselves who can put you in touch with companies that they can recommend. It definitely is a very important cost to budget into the price.


Buying a static caravan can be a costly decision and you may wonder how you can afford to buy the caravan in the first place. Like houses, there are finance options available so you could potentially afford something you didn’t think you could. Holiday parks offer different types of finance ranging from 12 to 84 months with competitive interest rates. Speak directly to the park and they will be able to confirm with you what deals they have available at the time of purchase. It is best to get this secured before you go looking for private static caravans for sale. You will need to know your price range.

Sub Letting

One option you can use to cover your monthly costs is sub letting your caravan. This can give you a useful additional income depending on the time of year you choose to sub let your static caravan. The park can help you with this or there are companies out there such as 2cholidays who charge a small fee to manage this for you including your diary, advertisement, booking the holiday and any maintenance on the caravan.


When it comes to the maintenance on your caravan there a few things to consider. Some owners clean the caravan themselves or they ask the occupiers (if they decided to sub let). You can use the parks teams cleaning services at a small cost which is roughly £25 per clean but best to check with the park first. Maintenance issues you will have to deal with if and when any problems arise, however, for a small charge the parks maintenance team may be able to assist you with this so please check first. Before the season closes one thing you must do is winterise your caravan. This involves a drain down of the water system and other processes designed to keep the caravan in good condition and to avoid any disasters while the static caravan is empty over the winter.

Thinking of Selling your Private Static Caravan?

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, where you are from, a trade seller or park owner, selling and advertising your caravans and lodges can be difficult and time consuming.  Most people don’t even know where to start!  View our selling page here for more information, this will make the journey much easier.

Are you having trouble selling your caravan? We can help solve the problem for you! No more time wasters or advertising costs and all of the other problems associated with trying to sell your static caravan yourself.