Residential Park Homes for sale in Kent

At Harvey Longsons we have many residential park homes for sale with some in the Kent area. Residential park homes for sale in Kent always sell fast as they are easy to maintain and are exactly like living in a home made with bricks and mortar but have a community feel to them too.

Residential park homes in Kent are usually suited for retired or semi-retired couples who are looking to downsize or for someone who wants to slow down their pace of life with a residential park home in Kent and a beautiful setting. Residential park homes for sale in Kent are easier to maintain in regard to cost which is good as you can spend your extra money on more fabulous things and treat yourself at the same time!

Four Seasons Park

Four Seasons Park see more is situated in the area of Wrotham, Sevenoaks and is owned by a family run group. The location for residential park homes in Kent at Four Seasons Park is quite unique with its sweeping driveway when you first arrive and it really has the best of everything including being part of a friendly community.

Fourseasons residential Park Home for sale kentYew Tree Park

Yew Tree Park is a new park to Harvey Longsons and it is a brand new full residential park set in the village of Charing and the residential park homes for sale in Kent here are surrounded by beautiful countryside. Yew Tree Park have now expanded to include a further 23 units so there is plenty of choice for residential park homes for sale in Kent at Yew Tree Park.

If you had any further questions regarding residential park homes for sale in Kent or any other enquiry then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01760 629819 or fill in one of our enquiry forms on our website.

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