Landa Grove Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Tuxford, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0JF
Open: All Year

Landa Grove Residential Park has become a popular spot to reside in the village of Tuxford. It is highly coveted due to its breathtaking views and well-maintained grounds. In addition, it fosters a close community amongst residents. Those who live here get far more than just comfortable and beautiful accommodations – they also move into a tight-knit, supportive atmosphere built among their peers and neighbors coming together as one.

Not only that, but Landa Grove’s proximity to public transport such as buses and the A1 motorway provide easy access to nearby doctor’s surgeries, restaurants, cafes, and shops. All the convenience of modern life combined with the pristine and picturesque beauty of the park make it an idyllic place for anyone looking for community and serenity in equal measure.

The historic market town of Retford has a lot to offer, not least of which are the larger supermarkets and retail outlets, pubs and restaurants and train stations. But as well as these smaller amenities, there’s also the award-winning Kings Park situated within the town.

It’s easy to spend an afternoon hiking along its pathways or taking part in one of the regular organised activities; alternatively you can sit by the banks of the River Idle listening to its tranquil flow. There is a wide range of activities available here- bowls, tennis and even woodland pursuits. All in all, it’s no wonder why this green oasis is so popular with locals and visitors alike!

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