Manor Court Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Dunan Lane, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8QS
Open: All Year

Manor Court Park offers residents the best of countryside living, with the beauty and tranquility of a small village, friendly neighbours and ample space to take pride in their gardens. It is not only close to the local village and its amenities for added convenience, but it is also just a mile away from Biggleswade with ready access to buses.

With only 16 exclusive homes on the park, its atmosphere is highly personalised and welcoming, making it an ideal place to seek out a peaceful retirement or start a family. The care that each resident puts into their own garden helps ensure that Manor Court Park always looks delightful no matter the season, maintaining its standing as the most sought after spot in Bedfordshire.

A visit to Biggleswade, situated on the A1 between Letchworth and St Neots, is an opportunity to explore a town with a fascinating past. Thought to have originated from the Saxon ford across the River Ivel, the name of ‘Biceil’s Waed’ has evolved over time to become what we now know as Biggleswade.

Despite being home to a medieval castle; today nothing remains but crop marks and earthworks. Biggleswade harbours signs of its former grandeur. During the early 19th century it was an inland port connected by canal to larger sea-ports. Later in 1850, it scored another first when it opened up on the Great Northern Railway mainline station becoming Bedfordshire’s only town with access to it! To this day, buildings that have seen much change over the years remain largely unchanged which gives credence to why this town continues to draw locals and tourist alike – It is history alive!

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Key Features

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  • Pet Friendly