Mersea Island Holiday Park

Away Resorts
Fen Lane, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8UA
Open: 10 Months

Imagine yourself visiting Mersea Island, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and exploring miles of beautiful countryside. Your four-legged friends can roam free around the beach and stretch their legs on perfect sand for sunbathing. There’s a wonderful swimming pool too, making it a great destination to relax and get away from it all.

On top of this, if you join us at Mersea Island Park not only do you get to enjoy your holiday in style with all the modern-day amenities – you also benefit from exclusive owners events, extended holiday season, and fantastic sublet opportunities as well! So come join us now at Mersea Island Park and make wonderful memories that will last forever.

If you’re looking to escape it all, then look no further than Mersea Island in Essex. With stunning views stretching across the Blackwater Estuary and a world of exploration awaiting, all your worries will quickly drift away. Located on the island is Mersea Island Holiday Park – a place of absolute tranquillity and bliss.

Here, you can experience first-hand all the hidden treasures of this beautiful corner of the world. Whether you want to watch the sun set over Grey’s Wood Nature Reserve or learn about local history at Mersea Museum, there is something for everyone and relaxation is just around every bend. Ultimately, take time to immerse yourself in nature and fall in love with this unique landscape – it’s an experience you’re never likely to forget!

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Key Features

  • Playground
  • Shop
  • Park WiFi
  • Indoor Pool
  • Pet Friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Subletting