Otterham Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9SW
Open: All Year

Otterham Residential Park, a serene countryside haven, offers 14 expansive plots to provide an ideal setting for individuals seeking the perfect location to enjoy their golden years. Surrounded by the idyllic village of Camelford, this peaceful and friendly park is specifically designed for the over 50’s, catering to those who are semi-retired or retired.

A conveniently located bus stop ensures easy access to Camelford and its many amenities, which include a post office, general store, doctors, chemist, restaurants, and shops. Furthermore, residents can bask in the picturesque charm of the nearby seaside town of Bude. Experience the tranquility and warmth of Otterham Residential Park, where you can make the most of a well-deserved and fulfilling retirement.

Otterham Residential Park offers residents and visitors the best of both worlds, with quaint countryside living and the convenience of nearby amenities in Camelford. Right outside the park, you’ll find a convenient bus stop that connects you to Camelford, where there’s no shortage of local charm and resources, including a post office, general store, doctors, chemist restaurants, and shops. Just a short distance away from the park, the seaside town of Bude awaits, offering picturesque views and a charming coastal atmosphere.

The North Cornish coast provides an abundance of breathtaking beaches, including Bude, Widemouth Bay, and Crackington Haven, each beckoning with golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Additionally, the nearby harbour of Boscastle and the legendary Tintagel Castle, which was once home to the fabled King Arthur, are must-visit destinations that combine stunning scenery with a touch of enchanting history.

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