Quarry Rock Gardens Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Claveton Down, Bath, BA2 6EG
Open: All Year Round

Quarry Rock Gardens is a stunning park located in Claverton, a desirable suburb of the charming city of Bath. It’s close to the city centre and just 1.5 miles southeast of Bath University. Unsurprisingly, this prime location has excellent road and rail links with South Wales and other cities on the M4 corridor connecting to London.

The park itself consists of views from charming murals and houses tucked away from the main road, plus there is a bus stop only 100m from the site for easy access to the city centre. A delightful spot surrounded by beautiful scenery, Quarry Rock Gardens is perfect for anyone looking for peace and quiet in an urban area.

From the thermal springs and hot bath, baths to the neo-classical 18th century buildings, Bath is an iconic city marveling with ancient history. The honey-coloured Bath stone used throughout the City gives it a golden glow, and is one of the most popular features.

With stunning rolling countryside overseeing the area, it feels like a town that has not wakened up yet – simply timeless. Bus routes give easy access to all parts of the City, making commuting easier and sightseeing more accessible. It comes as no surprise that this picturesque city is a preferred destination for both locals and tourists from around the world, especially during festive occasions like Christmas.

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