Riverside Drive Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Frenchay Road, Frenchay, Bristol, BS16 2QZ
Open: All Year Round

Welcome to Riverside Drive Park – the perfect destination for a day out in nature. Located amidst woodlands, with great views of neighbouring River Frome, this part is truly idyllic and provides unbeatable seclusion.

If you’re looking for easy access, then this spot is ideal; whatever your chosen route may be, Riverside Drive Park is one of the most easily reached attractions in the area thanks to being situated close to the M32 motorway to the west, A4174 road to the north connecting with the A38 in the west and A432 road to east. So don’t wait around – visit Riverside Drive Park today and discover all that it has to offer!

Fishponds and Downend offer a wide variety of attractions, from wildlife-rich walks to locally owned restaurants. This suburban area is also home to a range of supermarkets, greengrocers, and other shops so you’ll be able to find pretty much anything you need here. While Fishponds and Downend have plenty to offer, those seeking more comprehensive amenities may want to venture into Bristol centre. On the edge of the city, the area is carved out of woodland and granted access through a winding drive leading onto readily available site roads. With its prime location you’ll find lots new experiences here that just aren’t available elsewhere.

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Key Features

  • Gated Development