The Otterham Residential Park

Wyldecrest Parks
Rainham, Kent, ME8 7XF
Open: All Year Round

Located in Otterham Quay, Rainham’s new park offers some of the most beautiful views of the area and is a well sought-after location. Situated close to the railway station, it could not be easier to access, as residents can take a pleasant stroll there in no time.

The atmosphere around the park promotes peace and serenity; however, its nearness to everyday necessities ensures that recreational activities within the town are still accessible. The natural reserves situated in the vicinity provide a splendid window into nature’s glory, especially if one chances upon a herd of grazing sheep in one of the green fields. Not surprising then that Otterham Quay has become popular amongst fishing and golfing communities alike – particularly during warm summer days!


If you find yourself in Rainham, there truly is something for everyone! From community libraries to trendy restaurant and boutiques, the local villages are packed with fun and excitement waiting to be discovered. The nearby Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre is a wonderful experience allowing you to explore various stores and shops filled with everything your heart desires.

In addition, Otterham Residential Park sits comfortably close enough to a selection of shops on the high street so that you always have access to daily necessities without having to venture too far away. For bigger grocery runs, there’s also Sainsbury’s and Morrisons in Sittingbourne a few miles away. With these amenities nearby as well as plenty of other ways to spend your time and explore the town, Rainham is an ideal spot for all types of leisure or retail experiences!

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